Thursday, September 15, 2011


Lemon juice with Mint

Minty lemon juice is one of ma favorite drinks its very refreshing specially in summer so cool here i serve it to you hope to enjoy :) 

1) 2 fresh lemons(medium size or 1 large sized lemon)
2) 15 fresh mint leaves (or u can replace mint leaves by mint juice u can find it in supermarket i prefer that actually_
3) 3 teaspoons of sugar (or as u desire)
4) 2 glass of cold water


if you'll use mint leaves
1)wash and clean mint leaves very well 
2)blend it very well with 1/2 glass of water strain it
3)add lemon juice, rest of water, sugar and serve :)
if you'll use mint juice
1)wash lemon very well cut it into 4 parts
2)put it in the blender with sugar and water
3)blend it well
4)filter it well from its rind
5)bring the presentation glass add mint juice about 1/4 of it
5)pour the lemon juice in a glass (the 3/4 rest :P of it)
6) stir well 
enjoy :) 


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